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About Longines

LONGINES was founded in 1832 in Sojia, Switzerland, with more than 184 years of history and superb craftsmanship, in the area of sports also have a prominent tradition and excellent experience. Astronomical signs, because the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group’s famous brand, Longines has been around the world more than 130 countries.

Longines As the world championship timer and the International Federation of partners, Longines brand with its elegant watch world-renowned, one more the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group Exercise.A. company’s a member.

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Longines Logo
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World high-end watch production
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Fashion elegant example from 1832 years
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Swiss Swatch Group
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brand introduction

Longines was founded in 1832 in Sojia, Switzerland, the tradition, elegance and excellent performance in the tireless search for the achievements of the brand pure watchmaking expertise.

As a new championship timer and the International Federation of partners, Longines brand not only has a long and bright history, in addition its elegant watch world-renowned, is also the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group SA company’s The Longines family to fly wing hourglass for the logo, business in additional than 140 countries around the field of. In 1832, Auguste Agassiz worked with a watch line in Saint-Imier to the watchmaking industry and quickly became regulation of Agassiz & compagnie principal. At the time, components family as per with the “tablissage” tabulation production of watches (that is, watchmakers work at home), and vigorously expand the business network, enjoy of the sold some other continents, especially the other side of the Atlantic. The actual world 1850s, Ernest Francillon, the nephew of Agassiz, took over the business of watches and lighting. While taking for that responsibility of these famous family, he one more thinking about how precisely to can improve the manufacturing methods regularly employed in nearby watch businesses. He was for you to reorganize required schedules in the sporadic scatter, and to integrate it all in exact same way building. Francillon wants establish a factory that uses the manufacturing of mechanical methods to achieve approach from assembly to finish. [2]

In order to achieve it, in 1866, he purchased two adjoining lands on the right bank of the Suze River (Saint-Imier), where he was called “Les Longines” locally, and in 1867 When building a factory, produced by named after “Les Longines”. Ernest Francillon hired a fresh engineer named Jacques David in his family to assist him in developing the equipment and helping the watchmaking process and way. During the 1970s, Francillon’s industrial choice, which achieved achieving success until the twentieth century, kept factories growing strong and growing. In 1911, Longines production plant employees have more than 1,100 people, watches and clocks works number one around the earth.

Longines focus on technical research, excellence, associated with 1929 Barcelona exhibition, recently been in many international and world Expo Lan won more than ten times the prestigious award, deserving of the name “the most glorious” watch family brand. In 1889, Francillon (Francillon) with the Longines name and flying wing hourglass graphics composed of manufacturing brands for patent registration. Today, Longines has become the World Intellectual Property Organization (OMPI) all of the international registration of a long history, any kind of changes, but still vibrant Zhuo brand. Since 1867, components family in order to be “flying wing hourglass” graphics and “Longines” brand as an image of extraordinary quality, and those who test and steal Longines products outstanding reputation for the fake for one tireless struggle The

Longines as a result of of its accumulated skills, and gradually established an in depth contact along with sports community, for many sports events to contribute their proprietary technology, its performance the actual 20th century is particularly commendable.

development path

In 1832, Auguste Agassiz came for the small clock shop from a small village in Saint-lmier, where he soon took over the store and renamed it “Agassiz & Compagnie “. 30 years later Agassiz’s nephew Ernest Francillon inherited his agency. Francillon is visionary, and he conceives a number of production steps such as mechanical production and assembly of all timepieces in order to be carried outside in the same plant set up a comprehensive production process. Bought two adjoining lands on the right bank of the River Suze, locally referred to Les Longines.

In 1867, Francillon established the first Longines factory, and produced the first pocket watch with pocket control, won the Bronze Fair in Paris, England. The first Longines was conceived.

May 10, 1880, Longines in Switzerland officially became a registered trademark, is the Swiss watch industry’s oldest trademark.


Longines replica watches
Longines replica watches

In 1969 once again the first to make the world’s first quartz notice. LONGINES table is an additional achievement is the use of quartz vibration characteristics within the jump word display, while first regarding liquid crystal display timer.

May 27, 1889 at 4 pm, Longines flying wing hourglass trademark, officially registered in the Bourne Product Intellectual Property Office, patent card number 2684. Since then the flying wing hourglass became a heavy image from the Longines.

In 1904, Longines Express Monarch was praised by an Antarctic expedition in the United States, in the 429-day trip, Longines to be able to maintain only four seconds difference, the truth of unique. In the 1912 Basha Federal Games, Longines chronograph for the 3500 athletes to calculate the speed, once again become actual of compliments. In view of the Longines factory produced an advanced degree of precision, a good of contributions to research of navigation, and was issued a senior certificate to examine. Then in 1964, Longines the actual world’s smallest electronic quartz sailing in order to win the Observatory Medal.

In 1938, Longines made the second navigation watch Siderograph. In 1945, set up the L22A movement, an emblem of Longines first fully automatic movement of men born.

1950 “Longines circle” promotional activities In 1953, Longines implementation for a series of innovative promotional activities, named “Longines circular image.”

In 1979, LONGINES also introduced our planet’s thinnest watch, the body thickness of less than two millimeters.

In 1982, Longines introduced Agassi “Agassiz” slim gold watch series to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Longines. This series of watches only 3 mm thickness, and equipped with waterproof function. And later in 1983, using the miniaturization of the pieces of continuous study, Longines then launched specifically the ladies watch L961 “bagUette” small movement, the thickness of only 1.75 millimeters.

In 1984, Longines launched Kang Kasi Conquest watch, equipped along with a highly accurate (Very High Precision) movement, Longines is often a major creation. This series of watches rely the addition of a temperature compensation function (Thermo-compensation) system, the normal quartz watch accuracy 5 to 10 times very high. These inventions laid the LONGINES table on the creation of ideas along with the status of tabulation systems.

Watch structure

1. Movement structure, Longines Swiss watch movement size (12 * 1/2 order), Longines the largest diameter 35.50mm. Assembly diameter 28.0Omm, thickness eight.0mm.

2. Framework of the transmission structure, the structure of the Longines drive as the midst of the double-triple structure, the middle wheel on the box underneath the wheel, double three-wheel structure is actually similar towards the second spring structure, nevertheless the second wheel parts taken away from the center, and The guts only retains the seconds gear. In order to prevent the secondhand jitter, be certain to avoid using a second spring to hold or have seconds the whole length. Longines waterproof watch 6952 movement with double three-wheel structure to overcome the second hand jitter occurrence. The so-called double-three wheel happens to be composed of three features of the three components, three rounds 3 three tooth shaft 5 is along with each other, can be rotated in between each other; three wheel 2 and three tooth shaft pressure, many round by the spacers 1 are spaced apart and do not affect each other in the drive, and the power from the barrel assembly is transmitted to a number of wheel parts via a large wheel. Those things of the three-wheel similarly with the four-axis, second gear meshing; and fixed three-wheel only with the second gear shaft meshing. When compared to the gears are intertwined with each other, the torque may be transmitted towards four wheel parts by fixing 3 wheels, the seconds shaft, and the movable three wheels. The stable vibration time generated by into your market spring component, the escapement, the four wheel components, the activities of the three wheel for the second hand axis to point the few moments. Two three-wheel clip stuck concurrently the second axis, add to hand will not jitter.

3. Balance wheel travel system structure, the movement frequency of 28,800 times / time, put the balance wheel diameter is small, about 10.6 mm. The use of activities outside the pile ring. In the outer pile ring 1 arranged fine-tuning device, by the fine-tuning and fine-tuning anchoring screws. When using the screwdriver, make use of the screwdriver to twist the trimmer screw, fine-tune the screw they are the fine-tuning piece, trust the fine-pressing piece and also the axial pressing friction torque of the needle part, so that the speed needle part rotates around the shock absorber to increase and shorten the effective length for the hairspring , So on achieve the goal of fine-tuning watch travel moment. Gossamer piles for the triangle inside the pile, left gossamer. The outer pile is not the same as the traditional structure. The external ends of the gossamer are clamped but now outer pile screws 5375 and the outer flap 376 to overcome the defects that the adhesive is not strong and is peeled off due towards the aging of the gum.

Brand Culture


Longines establish the eternal elegance derive from long tradition and innovative aesthetic tradition based on exquisite and classic design of the wonderful balance among the reflected in each of the whole shebang. Its internal business as a constant operation of enormous laboratory, a selection of ideas have maintained a prudent and thoughtful aplomb. As a global brand, since its inception, Longines has always followed its inherent traditional values, in far more 130 countries faithfully fulfilled the firm commitment to excellent watch business. Elegant, is the basic values of the brand, so far, this is still Longines to guide the global business of 2 criteria.

British actress Kate Winslet became part of the Ambassadrices Longines de l’Elgance, proper company feel glorious. On the variety of highly artistic challenges of the role in the relentless search for the film, cast her career glory and success, for its Lan won a regarding international awards, including this year’s Oscar Award for Best Actress, won two regarding same year Golden Globe, the 2011 Emmy and also the 2012 Golden Globe.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has worked with Longines brand for more than ten a few years. In addition, Asian supermodel and actor Lin Chi-ling, Chinese star Aaron Kwok and Russian actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite, are perfectly embodied in Longines The values. In the same time, these representatives are more romantic Longines given fresh new dimension.

Longines eternal elegance to the drip is reflected within delicate and chic design relating to the wonderful balance between. Each table is inspired in the rich good reputation Longines family, highlighting its maverick elegance and scientific bold technological innovations. For example, the Longines family had inspired the exquisite work of the Art dco movement, launched a barrel-shaped, oval and rectangular movement, the achievements that are of a fine era of aesthetics representative. So your investment warning with an awesome combination of watchmaking products, and thus increasingly tempered its elegant brand logo. In addition, Longines also with its pure and clear spiritual creative works won numerous awards. In the same time, Longines also because of no intermittent technological innovation and vitality, show elegant aesthetic works endless. Today, the elegant category of Longines may be beautifully presented through the Longines Prima Luna, the Longines DolceVita and the La Grande Classique de Longines.


Tabulation tradition

Whether it is in aesthetics or technically, Longines implementation within the innovation will definitely be the brand flying wing hourglass raised to a symbol of proprietary technology and elegant dignified symbols.

Since the birth of the Longines, the company’s founder Auguste Agassi (Auguste Agassiz) and Ernest Francis (Ernest Francillon) ambition has not changed: to keep the pulse of the trend, standing technology And the forefront of aesthetics instead of deep in the fashion whirlpool, and attempt to excellence but not give up the straightforward.

Of course, Longines continues to be committed towards the movement of the design and manufacture, and from the accumulation of tabulation tradition, access to proprietary technology and generate a new technology, for example, Longines utilizing development of this first 1945 automatic winding machine Core 22A, 1 fell swoop broke the prevailing years with the process instructions. Today, Longines also part among the time to adjust the measurement equipment, pertaining to example the 2009 column column wheel movement, as well as the 2012 launch of the single-button column wheel chronograph stopwatch. In Longines products, equipped with a guide wheel of the mechanical chronograph is an established and reliable technical accessory. In addition, the logo also because of the Longines Master Series Retro watch (Longines Master Collection Retrograde) mechanical watch function and ease of use of such two advantages into one.

The Longines Master Collection is just the right example of Longines’ advanced proprietary technology and bright aesthetic specifications. Longines evidenza is often a masterpiece with the Art Deco era. The Excellence in Longines Saint-Imier Collection is really a deep tribute to in part because of and regarding this outstanding brand.



Longines develop their own production on the first chronograph (20H movement) since 1878 involved in the sports section. Since then, Longines gradually with the movement to determine a close contact. The actual years years, the brand has been developing a number of time measuring instruments and systems, and thus to be among the various sports instances. With the Longines Sport Collection, this Excellence brand is proud and confident going without shoes incorporates its rich history into the globe of activity. The brand’s Conquest and Hydro Conquest series are the perfect experience for your outstanding performance of Longines without losing elegance.

Classic retro

Today, Longines has its most unique style from the original beauty and one of the most sophisticated tabulation technology for your perfect blend. The classic Heritage is an in-depth tribute into the spirit for this pioneer of the Longines watchmaker, and may this spirit that always inspires them the answer and creates glory. This brand is accompanied by numerous pioneers in the sky, ground level and the up and down quest, bold new developments. This professional skills is substance of Longines where. They with exquisite elegance and elegant dignified highlight of the classic Longines classic and endless, but also expressed the historical past of the infinite deference.

Needless to say, inside the excellent classic Heritage (Heritage) products, essentially the most famous will probably be the time of the pull-time angle table (Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch), it could be the 1931 for that US pilot Charles pull together (Charles Lindbergh) specially developed Watch the copy. Longines Weems Second-Setting Watch is a tribute to Philip van Horn Weems’s captain’s nautical system, though the Longines twenty-four hours Watch (Longines Twenty-Four Hours) could be the 1950s for your Swiss airline pilots developed watch replica, is one more representative on the classic retro (Heritage) products


Its products

1990 LA series of Laurel (LA Grande Classique) series

According to Agassi “Agassiz” gold series design, Longines in 1990 launched ultra-thin design Jia Lan (La Grande Classique) stainless steel series.

Fashion elegant example from 1832 years

Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series design ideas through 20 and 30’s style. This series was launched in 1997, “fashion elegant model. From 1832” grow to be the brand of the sentence.

Cadran d’Or Award

In 1999, the Longines “Dai Chuo Wiener” chronograph won the prestigious French Cadran d’Or “Men’s Senior Watch” category award.

Longines elegant image ambassador

According the variety of models from 1920 to 1930, Longines launched traditional sour cream party Longines Dolce Vita (Longines Dolce Vita) series, and in 1997 launched the “fashion elegant model from 1832” slogan. Two years time later, the roll-out of the current “elegant attitude of my personality” advertising program, the option of classic stars for Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) and Humphrey Bogart (Humphrey Bogart), along with the modern film superstar on behalf of Unique cultures of fashion and richness.

2005 American movie star Harry Connick, Jr. Along with the Chinese opera star Aaron Kwok joined the Longines family, and from India’s actor AiShWarya Rai China’s Carina Lau and Russia’s Oleg MgnShikOV together, as Longines elegant image ambassador, with the other style each morning advertising their interpretation of Longines “Elegant attitude, true my personality”.

2000 years Longines Dai Chuo Wiener diamond series

Longines in 2001 launched a feminine elegance for your design theme of the Longines Dai Chuo Wiener diamond saga. In the promotion event locked in Milan, Italy, the “Longines Elegant Performance Award” was basically presented to people outside the sports world, including Alessandra Ferri, LembertO Sposini and Sergio Loro Plana ”

The 30 million watch to celebrate the birth of the 30 million watch Longines, Longines stored in February 19, 2001 to celebrate and promote 990 with L990 automatic movement of the limited series. In the same year this series won the Swiss watch industry’s important award “The Watch of the Year” This award from Swiss magazine L’Hebdo and Schweizer lllustrierte readers jointly elected.

Longines 170 years elegant style Longines is the earth’s longest status for watches and clocks registered brand, its brand and flying wing hourglass signs the same lasting new, stand the test of working hours. In 2002, Longines, especially the particular Champs Elysees Pavillon Ledoyen held to celebrate the Longines 170 elegant style party, to be able to promote the re-interpretation of the three diamonds watch “Les Elegantes” “elegant style” watch The


Longines 125 years to move time course

Since first size of 1878 and pocket watch similar to the movement among the timer began, Longines in the movement on a development vitality has been three yrs. Longines and Swift Group’s companies on 28th Olympic Games, 180 World Championships, 9 Asian Games 11 Commonwealth Games, 11th Mediterranean Games, 13th Pan American Games, 17th University Games and other countless The initial stage for this Games to become the designated timer, to assistance with timing and fractional processing and so on. In 2003, Longines celebrated its 125 connected with work in the industry sports activities, especially inside of the museums in Soymia, Switzerland, and launched the “Honor and GIory” commemorative edition package, such as a classic Motion timer so a model on the original timer design of the chronograph, exclusive edition special weapons of 125 sets.

Longines Collection Series

True elegance, eternal inheritance

Who can forget the 1920s? This is usually a world of changing times, many areas have emerged a breakthrough, the artist to benefit from ipod incredible freedom, the designer is no exception. Fashion and design abandoned for hundreds of years of harsh dogmas, everyone accessories are getting to be more compact, simple, tasteful. The latest Longines Collection series of men and women watches is strictly from this magnificent custom and fashion transfer movement to draw inspiration. However, although the Longines collection series of design inspiration from the 1925 classical watches, the barrel shape can be traced to be able to the 1911 produced watches.

Longines Longge series

In 2004 launched the Longines “Lang Ge” series filled with Italian type of. Design inspiration from the Mediterranean resort, in comparison to its appearance and function also reveals the intoxicating feelings.

Longines watchmen series

Launched in 2005, Longines Mingjiang series, is the logo to accumulate superb technology and experience from refining masterpieces, witnessed more than two centuries of tabulation achievements. This series of watches along with a number of wonderful features, meticulous pondering.

Longines new “master craftsman” series of watches, with Seiko carved automatic mechanical movement, with moon phase, Greenwich time, dual calendar, chronograph and many other superb features, is essential not miss the classic For. “Ming Shi” involving birth, highlighting the Longines in the movement of research and manufacturing on a golden history and outstanding work.

Longines use mechanical devices to highlight the time art began in 1867. 1899 Longines sponsors the Arctic expedition led by Earl of Louis Alamand, providing five pocket watches designed people who polar temperature changes, it really is highly heralded.

The 20th century, the late 1920s, Longines high-performance movement design and manufacturer’s reputation has been unbreakable. By 1959, the birth of the L360 movement became totally new millennium. L360 movement an hour swing 36000 times, built-in compensation balance gossamer, reactionary lever escapement and alloy winding, this ultra-fine device to L360 in countless astronomical competitions in the award-winning.

1977 output of the L990 movement is Longines watchmaking experts most proud of. It is one of the thinnest automatic mechanical movements in the world. This movement has been used in various sections of Longines within the years, has been online the world for the wearer to offer accurate time.

Long Point pull the Hour Angle watch

In 1927, the flight attendant Charles Lindbergh to 33 hours and 30 minutes, visited New York alone from Paris, occured by Longines timing. Then Charles Lindbergh personally developed a watch named Hour Angle, followed by Longines the culprit for the production, the case diameter of 47.50 millimeter. 2005 this classic watch again return, case size increases, and coupled with latest styles of self-winding movement.

Dai Chuo Wiener series

Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series also combines the straightforward lines with the 1930s as well as the rich charm of the 1950s. This Swiss watch brand with exquisite wonder of the Italian spirit, brimming with inspiration Seiko secret agents, unique style of fashion, to establish a series of unique style of timepieces, the performance with the life in the Qin enjoy and joy. Longines designers and watchmakers in the abstract ideas, will be strict geometric rules in to a free and exquisite supernatural – to make a new standard, eternal fashion Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series of watches.

Since the creation of contemporary elegant model since 1997, Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series that by virtue of its graceful contemporary elegance was successful. Sections of the products full of Italian charm full of sweet and vitality, that is, “dolce vita (Italian,” a better life “meaning”). This rectangular watch the proportion of perfect and harmonious, for the series added a touch of distinctive characteristics.

At the same time, Longines in the celebration launched the third generation of Longines “Dai Chuo Wiener” series, design more working hours. “Dai Chuo Wiener” design concept inside 20th century epoch-making square case design style, elegant and unique, from one generation to another. In 2000, “Dai Chuo Wiener” to elegant on the legendary heroic series of return, also attracted amazing response to watch enthusiasts; significantly , Into 2002, “Dai Chuo Wiener” interpretation for the new round design most. . gorgeous round case, the implementation of Longines “Dai Chuo Wiener” eternal glory! In the lively new era, “Dai Chuo Wiener” three distinctly elegant image, constitute remarkable Longines your past pivotal bunch.


Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series L5. watch


Shape: Rectangle

Material: Stainless steel and 18K rose gold

Diamond: Case inlaid 32 top Wesselton VVS grade diamonds, total weight 0.269 karats.

Table mirror: anti-wear sapphire crystal

Size: 19.80X24.50mm

Waterproof: Waterproof depth of 3 meters

Movement and function:

Movement: L178, quartz movement

Function: hours, minutes show, 6 o’clock position set a small seconds.

Dial and pointer

Color: all shop inlay

Diamond: dial inlaid 212 top Wesselton VVS grade diamond, total weight 4.508 karats.

Pointer: pink pointer


Material: Stainless steel and 18K rose gold

Clasp: three fold safety clasp and push open device.

Heart Month series

Longines within a bright star in a star

Spring night, white moonlight as a star-like, line to transit, and quietly hidden. All the details are like synonymous with the passing time and also the flow of one’s time. Round and bright moon is fascinated, and the new Longines heart month series, it will be the silver star of this praise. Delicate and concise dial, so that the watch silhouette more soft; bright overflow of diamonds, watch for the more moving style. Its magical charm of elegance to attract all portrait of modern elegance elegant fashion men and women.

Longines heart month connected with one thousand and one evening version, the famous Swiss watchmaker Longines in cardiovascular of the series added a new section, the integration of refined and brilliant gold rose gold rose mild. All kinds of harmony and elegance, Longines heart month series specializing in modern fashion women devotion. New steel rose gold style, dial upon the bright diamond diamonds pertaining to instance thousands of stars lit the night sky. Think of it as the Longines Heart Month series one thousand one night version.

Les Elgantes watch series

The 1920s design style was created in the twentieth century as the most delicate fashion trend. Decoration of the art of free creation and fantasy space to create an immortal artistic style, but also affected the 20’s tabulation process. Therefore that ever, Longines from outdated art trend of inspiration, elegant and chic design for the ladies, hot water is created three interpretation of substance of the 20’s watch – Longines Les Elgantes watch tier.

Comcast series

Ceramic Comcast: Exquisite interpretation of exquisite features

Longines Kang Kasi series is substance of Longines movement elegant essence. Unique beauty of this bezel, convex crown and chain are ceramic material, exquisite and unique. This beautiful material are going to long-lasting charm and innovative technology perfect blend inside a. Longines Kang Kasi series made of stainless steel and ceramics, the perfect embodiment within the powerful features and elegant temperament of this matchless, its excellent technical characteristics, but also to match the most demanding sports people’s requirements. Should it be in essentially the most fashionable night party, or in the distinguished horse higher than the stands, this solemn and delicate watch are absolutely exudes a remarkable style.

Longines new Conquest regarding women’s diamond watch has two as well as white white, the jewels of diamonds and hard texture for this ceramic cleverly combined alongside one another. These new watches are unparalleled, not only rich in sports, furthermore those sparkling diamonds, could be the performance and design of the complex, the outfit of girls that love sports will have a feeling of treasure.

As the Longines Conquest series of women’s diamond watch using a glittering diamond and rock-solid ceramic, the item became the manufacturer of elegant and casual incarnation. Round stainless steel case with a set of 54 diamonds with black ceramic bezel, this watch configuration a quartz movement (L263.2), 100 % possible display the minutes and seconds and date. Its black dial has 11 diamonds on its inner ring and it has a date window at three o-clock. Conquest Women’s Diamond Watch comes with a metal strap that consists that are of a section of black ceramic, screw-in case bottom cover with a water depth of 5 atmospheres (50 meters).

Another white section is provided with a white ceramic bezel with 54 diamonds. This watch also equipped with L263.2 quartz movement, you can display the minutes and seconds and date. Are generally 11 diamond scales during the white mother of pearl dial but a date window at three o-clock. Conquest women’s diamond watch along with a stainless steel strap likewise an a section of the white ceramic correct into a screw, into the bottom for the case cover, waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Comcast diving series

The excellent the deep movement

“Drow extraordinary” diving regular. Comcast diving series watches in particular to strive to conquer the sea, the ocean is packed with passion for guys to generate. This series of diving tables meet all the harsh requirements of the diving area: to make certain that the waterproof function to reach 300 meters of water pressure, the assembly of one-way rotating bezel, screw-in case and crown, crown side cover, double insurance Folding clasp, integrated dive extension procedure. Absolute security, strict protection, tend to be in the deep underwater world of great husband or wife. Excellent performance, elegant tolerance, making an unique connected with Longines.

Soya Mia series

Born within the essence of tabulation

Since 1832 settled involving Suiyi Ya (Saint-Imier), Longines that the actual use of village to establish a very close relationship, which is regarded as your able to send conduct and also the source of development. Considering only one founded and still in the Saint-Imier watchmaking company, Longines always adhere to their own values: tradition, elegance and movement. Today, Longines introduced to Saint-Imier named series of watches, these Zhuoer extraordinary mechanical watches, that is, from the birth of solution pure watch the traditional fertile soil, the growth of the time essence.

In Europe, if need to trace the origin of an early city, final results are inseparable from the two elements: legends and religion. Soymia is the same. The mid-nineteenth century, the new city intending retain quite a lot of creative, powerful watchmakers and entrepreneurs, spacious plant is also conducive to the installation of advanced equipment. Many in the watch industry plays a decisive big brand has been born on the inside area on the Soymia Area.

The valley is discovered in the depths of the legendary holy spring is positioned in the northwest of the Jurassic mountains in the depths belonging to the valley of Soymia, specialists . overlook the Alps.

Legend Ultimately seventh century AD, a monk born in the city of Lugnez, now upon the border of Farui, the monk named Himerius (Imier, Immer, 570-620) went through thousands of miles and traveled a large number miles Other than Jerusalem. Round the way back home, he accidentally found a spring and lush grass in the valley of the Jurassic Mountains, and decide to leave the land. Then, Bishop Marius of your Lausanne parish presented the land to Imia in recognition of his dedication and dedication.

Lush valleys, sliced fir trees, cattle and sheep in groups of grassland and neatly made fields, the legendary city of Soymia will have a history of more than 1,400 years of history hesitating for people to visit.

Then understood that most the devout Christians came from all your place, and with the assistance of the labor and the hardships of this life of your heart, and became the first inhabitants with the valley. They were pleasantly surprised death of Imia, people added the title of this saints to him, and this man was often considered as the ancestor of the earth. In the ninth century AD, the first cathedral of the area was built typically the cemetery of Imaia , And worshiped the relics of Imaiah, and also called the area as Saint Imier (ie, Soymiah). Together with eleventh century, the local fixed population has reached hundreds, not including from every side continue to worship the Maya relics of the devout christians.

Agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry gradually known as the local visitors to survive the industry, scattered cabins are gradually formed villages, streets, monasteries and squares. Since then, if you just town of Soymia can be in the videos . of the Western European territory.

In the map of Soymeya to view the map of Switzerland, you will discover Soimia although in the depths for the Jurassic mountains, but the south is Neuchatel, western La Chaux-de-Fonds, east is Bienne, and from this Three belonging to the more prosperous big cities are not to near away.

At the final of the sixteenth century, King Henry IV of France, capable to quell the civil war, promulgated the South Pardon, pinpoint the Catholic Church for that French state religion, giving you a whole lot of Protestants to avoid persecution into Switzerland, and handicrafts is Protestant engaged in the pillar industry. Therefore, with the increase in foreign population, is placed in the French-speaking region of Soya Miya’s metal processing and embroidery industry has ended up greatly developed.

At starting of of the seventeenth century, the Swiss watch industry was the little industry associated with the handicraft industry, at a composition belonging to the industry to the production and sales of the products, all filled with “amateur” points. From the summer to the late autumn, people pay close attention for this bright sunshine engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry, before the snow closed mountain. The handicraft industry became a sideline for people in the long winter.

As early as the 18th century, many among the surrounding areas have already begun to embark on watches and clocks. In 1720 or around, many watchmakers started settle their village, their business gradually thriving and soon became the pillar with the whole family life.

For a hard time, these under the window, the fire before the crafts people naturally appeared professional division of labor, some people specifically test splint, it was specifically to do the spring, someone specifically do the screws. Often, before quite snow blocks the mountain, they get orders coming from the businessmen who ride the horses and go to the town. When the next year, when the snow melts and traffic is restored, the businessmen comes to the house to harvest and compensation. Most of the businessmen who bought the parts and components in the vicinity for this big city set up an assembly plant, purchasing of the parts assembled together into the finished product, and then sold almost.

Therefore, the entire Swiss watch industry could be regarded like a “shop before the factory” workshop business design. Not only every watch parts workshop is a family-based “front shop subsequent to the plant” type of business, even large enterprises are no exception: headquarters in Geneva enterprises, a majority of its parts from the encompassing Vallee de Joux mountainous areas, and often of components companies from Neuchatel, Bienne, La Chaux-de-Fonds took the Soymia Valley and some of the surrounding towns (such as Villeret) as lowered source of supplies.

Admiral series

Longines admiral navy general series of automatic mechanical male watch is split into timing, GMT dual time zone different watches.

Movement: L704, L705, L686

Material: high hardness wear-resistant sapphire mirror, all-steel case or ceramic ring case, stainless steel, inter-ceramic or crocodile leather strap

Function: 4-pin timer, calendar display, dual time zone display

Size: Case 42mm, circumference 250mm, thickness 15mm, strap width 20-20mm Weight: 163g

Logo: the surface, the table back, the strap at the brand logo Waterproof: 100 meters

International honor

Longines have extraordinary craftsmanship and precision technology, craftsmen and designers have experienced numerous tests and failures over the years, and then study and boost the results of unremitting.

Over the years, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Lange, Longines various technical associated with research and achievements, use of countless appreciation and high honor, 1885-1992 Longines has won much the Grand Prix Grand Prix ( Including 1885 in Antwerp, 1889 in Paris, 1897 in Brussels, 1900 in Paris, 1906 in Milan, 1914 in Bourne, 1914 in Genoa, 1925 in Paris, 1926 in Philadelphia And in 1929 in Barcelona) and 28 times “Medailles d’Or”. And the first prize at the Observatory in Neuchatel, Geneva, Kew Teddington, and Washington, DC.

In the 20 years after 1879, a total of 400 square meters of the Neuchatel Observatory Award; Geneva (Geneva) Observatory for seven consecutive years awarded 83 honor awards to Longines, 1930, Longines, a maritime timer The accuracy of the most important achievement award. 1945 more created the watch one of the most accurate record. So that Longines in a number of international exhibitions won the “Leading Prizewinner” (award winner) in the earth. In 1969, Longines alone research and development and output of the world’s first electronic quartz writst watch.

At exact same holds true time, Longines have won many awards in recognition of quality. For example, in 1867, in the newly built plant given by the first movement, the actual Paris Universal Exposition won the bronze medal. In 1873, organization won the Medal for Excellence award in Vienna; the 1869 Longines meter also won the prestigious award at the Philadelphia Fair. In addition, Longines in 1878 in Paris including 1880 in Melbourne, Francis, respectively, won the gold watch gold watch. The logo in the aesthetic design, also won several times Baden-Baden Gold Roses gifts.

In the United Kingdom, 1885 Longines also received 141 Observatory Awards, as well as to another 50 Observatory test for Excellence Award (expecially good).

From 1907 to 1913, Longines won two awards in the usa in Washington, DC, and nine within the 1922 prizes were with regard to the Longines.

In 1952, held in Oslo, Norway, the Winter Olympics, Longines to end up being the General Assembly designated time.

1960 years Diamonds-International Academy 60 years, not when compared with 4 Diamond Academy AWards are awarded to Longines design. In the same time, Longines also won the 1964 “Prix d’Honneur” award in Lausanne.

The 1970s Baden-Baden Golden Rose Award In the 1970s, the era of quartz revolution changed magnitude watch current market. It is time which gives the designer and watchmakers some adjustment period, certain that they play “everything is possible” spirit, and returned to the original role for the original production of an extraordinary watch boat. And Longines designers have got an associated with awards, including: 70 years of “FIOFe Marine”, 1970 “Vagres”, 1975 “Kleopatra” and 1978 “volubilis” are won Baden Baden Gold Rose Medal.

Revolutionary design Paris-based French designer Serge Manzon in 1972, specially for the Longines designed a sequence of silver-plated watch, these noble style and later became most of watch craftsmen getting ideas. A year later, Longines won the “Prize on the City of Geneva” design award with its “prototype” toy.

Advanced technology to establish a broader aesthetic standards Around 1960, Longines launched one of the most slim electromagnetic watch, damaging the record when i bought it. 19 years later, in 1979, Longines launched “Feuille d’Or” model (L795 movement), creating merely one.98 mm thickness of the watch, with 2 mm difference in the world’s thinnest watch, solution Is absolutely fit the general quartz movement in the.

In 1980, with the birth of the L960 women’s slim movement, Longing artists were given greater freedom of creation, and their works were won in the Bijhorca in Paris. In addition, Longines with “CliP” model won the “The Montres et Bijoux de Geneve Prize” award.

In addition, Longines is the official partner of the International Archery Federation (FITA), the World Cuper (Coupe du monde) and the planet Championships (Championnats du monde). Longines Prize for Precision honors suggestions scorer in the end of the season in a game the actual extremely focused, balanced, precise and looking for.


Fault classification

1, Wheel and clutch wheel helical gear slip fault, clutch rod spring is small, can not suppress for the pole. For the flat wire spring can expand the mouth, improve spring on the elastic; for your rod of some platform to the rod spring, check its location is correct, following which take suitable measures to increase the resilience. The wheel and also the clutch wheel are draped. Must replace the actual parts staying resolved. The handle shaft side and also the clutch wheel square hole with the bad, at this occassion the handle shaft side fixed and free rotation from the wheel, of course, with fixed proceed. Formulate the appropriate handle shaft, so that the square as well as the clutch wheel square hole with best. Straight wheel and small steel wheel teeth shallow or disengagement, small steel wheel screws loose, force bash small round of steel round. Tighten the screws, should sorts to tub wheel screws for the left, and view the small steel wheel axial clearance is satisfactory.

2, The direction with the table failure, the direction of the stop table refers towards irregular stop table, also known as “soft stop”, the repair staff is not easy to find the cause of this frustration. According to is and practical knowledge of the watch, many of the “soft stop” are mostly rounds of the Department for the Department of escapement and escapement have proven to be two areas of the pin the blame on. Because the origin of the transmission system through the transmission line to the escapement as well as the balance of your wind extremely small, the various of the slight friction may be starting from the table, especially in the case of small swing very much so. In the same time due to your location of the transformation, the axial and radial clearance between parts will change, may cause the watch when the time end the event. Therefore, for the direction with the table in the repair in order to carefully observed, excluding the actual failure.

Longines escapement failure
Longines escapement failure

3, Watch hard stop failure, watch hard stop is the tightening of the winding, hand shake or gently tapping, the watch still can not move. This failure on repair table accounted with regard to certain proportion, and the fault to be able to find, repair is also convenient. Main plywood center hole wears this will result in the center pinion to coincide with no dirty tooth shaft concentricity. When essential hand rotates, there is a position that collides this watch glass. This situation first to solve the central plate along with the main splint on the middle hole concentricity, that is, squeeze the main splint hole and diamond, then a large axis concentricity also improved accordingly.

4, Are not able to automatically move the needle and when the point of failure, just cannot automatically go hand wheel and two rounds (or center wheel) or wheel and friction wheel with too loose, the friction between them is not enough to drive the needle system Run, that is, even generally if the balance of your ball on the run once the minute hand does not move. For that propaganda and two rounds of two rounds of outgoing, rounds and small rounds can be re-engraved, boost their interference a concern . amount of interference, that is, improve the friction torque, driven by the needle to suggest the time, should not be too tight. For the partial two rounds of three rounds of outgoing, the wheel and also the friction wheel with framework of general hole could be used with flat pounding. Reduce the aperture to increase with the interference; open flower file can be taken to squeeze the tweezers to squeeze the inside the mating point raise the interference.