Longines equestrian series is because they like equestrian, do you believe it?

Rolex diver watches, Breitling pilot watches, Omega Seamaster watches and Longines equestrian watches. They say they are because of interest, you believe it? Anyway, I feel more is watch of market positioning and marketing.
Juan Carlos Capelli, Vice President of The Longines Replica Watch Company
Juan Carlos Capelli, Vice President of The Longines Replica Watch Company
¬†Juan Carlos Capelli, vice president of Longines watches, is one of the best assets of Longines, and after 25 years of cooperation with the company, there is no doubt that he is marketing and sports around the world The tournament is in a leading position. Especially after Longines and global championship tour and Longines master series and other global exhibition cooperation, Mr. Capelli every week may visit in different countries. Royal Carlos (Royal Carlos) is a luxury replica watch industry’s famous watch, now more than ever more like equestrian, and wearing a thoughtful blue version. Here, he discussed the relationship between Longines and equestrian and sports.
  1. Longines expressed strong interest and interest in supporting horse riding activities. Why is this sport?

Longines has been keen on equestrian sports. In 1878, Longines replica produced a chronograph chronograph, as early as 1881 for the New York racetrack. In 1912, the company held an international dance competition in Portugal for the first time. Since then, Longines’ commitment to these campaigns has never ceased to grow. So far, we continue to provide the precise, professional knowledge and experience of sports timing. Over the years, the brand has established a stable and lasting relationship with the equestrian world.

Longines Equestrian Collection
Longines Equestrian Collection
    1. You have sponsored dozens of events during the year. What is your favorite?

I can not just name one, because we are working with so many wonderful events, I have the opportunity to witness so many great moments of exercise.

  1. Does the favorite show jump?

I like riders to provide the perfect combination of elegance and performance, the brand’s two values. And jump performance is one of the rare sports competition between men and women. In our series reflects the unique quality, 50% of our watches are designed for ladies.

Longines Equestrian Pocket Replica Watch Horses Trio 1911
Longines Equestrian Pocket Replica Watch Horses Trio 1911
  1. Whether you are always involved in the equestrian world

When I was young, I used to be a pastime. Today, I work and travel too much and can not ride, so I am happy to be able to keep in touch with these sports.

  1. Longines equestrian series is a classic special. What is your favorite Longines, why?

For the time being, I am always wearing a blue version of the Longines Master series. This is a classic touch with a blue dial and blue strap. But I must admit that I like all the Longines.

  1. There is a watch that you should not do.

You should not put it in a drawer and wait for the right time to show it. The watch is worn.

  1. You should always use your watch to do one thing.

As with any other precision instrument, you need to maintain your watch regularly to ensure trouble-free performance. We can rely on our global service center or authorized dealer to take care of your watch.

  1. There is one thing you expect this fall.

Longines have more than 400 games throughout the year, so we look forward to many incredible moments of movement, whether in the skiing world, archery, gymnastics, racing or Show Jumping.

Anyway, I do not believe that the major brands sponsor sports because of interest. Of course this is not important, it is important that their products, the sports enthusiasts to provide help!